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Jonathan Mezibov masters luxury grade dress shirts crafted in small batches in Italy and the US

The corporate world. Something we fight against yet can never stay fully away from. It’s commerce, and along with the monopolization of industries followed by diminished craftsmanship, comes the convenience of attainability and efficiency. But what if we could have the best of both worlds? 

Introducing Jonathan Mezibov. A luxury shirt brand crafting small batch shirts manufactured in Italy and the US.

Held to the highest quality standards, Jonathan has made his collection a craft that is fully attainable, with a direct to consumer online business model. 

After personally experiencing the label for myself, this Jonathan Mezibov shirt review will cover the brand’s’ business ethics and standards, along with a hands-on review of quality, fabrics, fit and styling. Here’s a breakdown of some highlights to note as we cover each in more detail.

Jonathan Mezibov noteworthy qualities:

  • SIMPLE, ELEGANT PACKAGING: Luxury grade, understated, and through fully planned
  • LUXURY GRADE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Very fine stitching, not a single stitch out of place from button holes to inseam
  • CRISP, LIGHTWEIGHT POPLINS: A blend of cotton, polyester and elastane that’s machine washable
  • THOUGHTFUL MODERN DESIGNS: Featuring tab cuffs, shoulder epaulettes, mother-of-pearl buttons and other signature details

Let’s begin with first impressions.

Jonathan Mezibov packaging and presentation

I selected three dress shirts to get a full brand experience. Two women’s dress shirts for myself, and a crisp white dress shirt from the men’s collection. All arrived neatly packed in slate grey, luxury grade boxes with a simple two corner ribbon.

Clean and elegant. As should be expected for a collection of luxury dress shirts.

In the packages, the dress shirts were neatly folded and held in place with smooth metal mini clips. A small detail but much preferred over pinning, which can cause thread breakage, holes and unwanted hard wrinkling in new dress wear. 

Jonathan Mezibov quality of craftsmanship and materials

Most impressive to the collection is Jonathan Mezibov’s attention to detail in the truly luxury grade craftsmanship of his designer shirts.

Neat button holes, cuffs, darting – even the inseams have been sewn without a stitch out of place. A rarity in a world of corporate manufacturing – even for many known luxury brands. 

Driven by Jonathan’s mission to make the best shirts on the market, “luxury shirts at the highest quality and value” it’s clear the brand has exemplified his elevated standards. Perhaps due to the small batch craftsmanship designed to sell direct to consumer online. Perhaps because Jonathan has chosen to only work with the highest labor standards, manufacturing with craftsman in Italy and the US.

Jonathan’s team has personally visited all of their partner factories managing personal relationships to insure the integrity of the product is not only from the craftsmanship, but with the craftspeople directly. 

Whatever magic he sprinkles in, it’s clearly working. You’ll be hard pressed to find a luxury brand that exceeds his quality standards.

Jonathan Mezibov shirt review

Beyond the collection as a whole, each Jonathan Mezibov shirt has been thoughtfully designed with signature details to make each a masterpiece of their own.

I’ll cover some of the finer points of each piece I had the pleasure to experience for my own.

The women’s classic white dress shirt

The first piece I selected was the Annette poplin shirt. Primarily because when reviewing dress shirts, a staple is a great place to start. A simple white shirt is one of the most quintessential pieces in a professional’s wardrobe, and should be selected with great care as it will see you though some of the most critical meet ups and events of your career. 

In addition to the high quality of craftsmanship signature to the brand, this essential silhouette was elevated with modern details and an elongated silhouette. 

Hidden front buttons, a crisp point collar, and designed tab cuffs were just a few of the details that make this piece its own story amongst a backdrop of basic white shirts. 

The mix of cotton, polyester and elastane in a fine weave make this piece extremely lightweight with just a subtle stretch. It is a comfortable, effortless staple I will wear for years to come, from office attire to casual layering.


The men’s elevated white dress shirt

From the men’s collection, I selected the Pearson Poplin French cuff shirt. With a cutaway collar and crisp French cuffs, this piece is a mark of true luxury. It is the perfect slim fit men’s dress shirt.

Perfectly paired with a suit and tie, this piece is designed for elevated evening wear, lasting impressions and demure occasions.

It’s made with 100% poplin cotton for that perfectly crisp appearance, and it practically begs to be stolen by a gentleman’s late night company – with an intoxicating faint smell of his evening cologne. 

The women’s poplin military shirt

For a women who likes to make a bold yet subtle statement, a military dress shirt is a must. It’s a piece that exudes confidence and authority, in a casual, utilitarian way. Jonathan’s Fletcher poplin military shirt was my select.

Possibly my favorite shirt from the collection so far, this piece can easily transition from understated power suiting to casual off duty looks.

A few of the finer details aside from the military-inspired shoulder epaulettes – a crisp spread collar, signature tab cuffs, and neatly pleated chest pockets.

Also made with 100% poplin cotton, this piece is crisp and structured, yet lightweight and breathable. 

Jonathan Mezibov recap of review

All in all, if you’re in search of fine luxury grade dress shirts for men and women, Jonathan Mezibov shirts is a brand that cannot be overlooked. From the exquisite craftsmanship to thoughtful designs, I’m truly impressed with the collection.

Surpassing brands in a competing market in both quality and design, Jonathan Mezibov is coming after the big name brands in the luxury market – and they better take note. Because beyond a label, Jonathan Mezibov is what true luxury is about.

Shop his entire dress shirt collection online, and experience the luxury for yourself.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the items in this post were gifted by Jonathan Mezibov. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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