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4 tips for finding the perfect sneakers in 2022

Decades ago, when sneaker culture was just emerging, it wasn’t hard to keep track of the most recent releases. There were only a couple of sneaker lines, and you would find out about them either through word-of-mouth or prominent magazine and TV ads. Today, however, things are a lot different.

There are multiple major sneaker lines from new cult brands like ON and Veja to the classics like All Stars and Nike Air Force. On top of that, fans have to keep track of the different brand collaborations with athletes, singers, and designers.

However, there are a couple of hacks to find the perfect sneakers in the saturated 2022 sneaker market.

Focus on what you want

The variety of designs, technology, and models available makes it more important than ever to never settle for anything less than what’s perfect for you. There are so many options –  each one made with specific purpose, taste, and needs in mind.  

Start with a rough idea of what you’re looking for. For example, we posted recently about some of the best color block sneakers available that combine neutral and bright colors. That’s a distinct look, but if you know it’s one you like, you can start your search by identifying shoes that fit that description, no matter where they’re sold or what brand makes them. Then you can start to narrow your selection to find the perfect sneakers. 

Stay up to date on sneaker content and releases

One of the great things about sneaker fans (aka “sneakerheads”) is that they love to talk about their favorite brands and models. As such, a lot of them have created a great deal of online content, from unboxing and reviewing new pairs, to breaking down details about future releases.

Simply put, there’s almost definitely someone out there talking about a pair of shoes that would be perfect for you. 

There are plenty of YouTubers who have dedicated years to reviewing models and discussing sneaker rumors – with Jacques Slade, Mr. Foamer Simpson, and ShadeTV all coming to mind. Or, consider a great sneaker podcast to keep yourself informed. Not familiar with many sneaker podcasts? Check out SoleSavy’s pod, where hosts not only discuss the latest sneakers, but also conduct interviews with people in the industry and break down news of interest to consumers (like the latest Nike acquisitions, or how to quiet down resale bots). This sort of content can not only keep you up to speed on shoe options, but help you navigate an increasingly complicated industry en route to securing your next favorite pair. 

Follow the influencers

No matter how much you know about something, there’s always someone who knows a lot more. Aside from YouTubers and podcasters who have dedicated years of their lives to researching, sampling, and reviewing as many pairs as they can, there are also influencers across social media you can follow for inspo and information.

Some are not only great for discovering new brands and styling trips, a few of the best have visited countless conventions, interviewed their fair share of expert designers and collectors, and tried out countless shoes for themselves.

Matt Welty’s Instagram is one notable example, displaying his impressive collection of limited edition pairs; designer Alexandra Hackett, meanwhile, provides great advice on how to wear Nike sneakers and teaches about customization through her “miniswoosh” Instagram account. 

image cred: @miniswoosh

Check the pairs in person

No matter how impressive the camera used in unboxing videos and social posts, some things just don’t quite pop the way they will in person. More importantly, nothing replaces the experience of touching a new pair of shoes and, of course, trying them on and seeing how they look and feel while you walk around. Check out your local boutique to see what they have to offer, and support small businesses and your community as a perk.

It’s a great time to be into athleisure. There are more sneaker lines and collaborations than ever, and the styling, options and technology being used to manufacture new models is greater than ever.

If you’re feeling bombarded by news of new sneakers, rare design collaborations, and the like – we hope these practical tips help narrow your search. Ready to find your perfect sneakers? Focus on what you really like, follow those influencers across social and don’t forget podcasts, and ultimately never rule out checking for your perfect pairs in person. 

Written by Matthew A. Dean, published by Day in My Dreams

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Matthew A. Dean. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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