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BLAQ face mask review – really grippy, weirdly sexy

I admit I was skeptical. The beauty industry is flooded with “innovative” brands – very few of which are truly doing something unique or worth mentioning.

After trying the minimally packaged beauty brand for myself, I was immediately inspired to write a review of the BLAQ Activated Charcoal Face Mask

blaq face mask
image cred: BLAQ

Here’s what really made the BLAQ face mask stand out:

  • The packaging is sleek and minimal – it garnered my immediate interest
  • Their products are made with charcoal – a more natural way to detoxify the skin
  • The mask is really, really grippy – think of it like a nose strip, but for your whole face. Hello clean pores.
  • It’s weirdly sexy – instead of the face of horror, my husband reacted with surprise intrigue… “it’s like an all over latex thing”
  • A week later, my skin still feels amazing – like notably, butter smooth. And my pores seem nearly invisible since my mask treatment.
blaq beauty packaging and product assortment

How I discovered BLAQ beauty products

Here’s how it all started. Last week, I was introduced to BLAQ beauty through an Instagram campaign in which I would take part of “FEELING 22”… sharing inspiration for living your best life in 2022.

Ever looking for ways to indulge in luxury from home, I was intrigued by their story and began testing the products.

After a day spent “living my best life”, I ended the night with some me time, indulging in the BLAQ Activated Charcoal Face Mask.  Disregarding instructions after application – I quickly realized that was a mistake. (This stuff is seriously sticky – more on that later).

blaq charcoal face mask on beauty blogger day in my dreams

BLAQ peel off face mask review

Not your average creme mask, the BLAQ charcoal mask dries like a thin layer of grippy latex over your skin. Think of it like a nose strip, but for your whole face. 

I have fairly clear skin naturally, but whatever residue I had lurking in my skin was instantly removed. And I mean everything. Unwanted peach fuzz, blackheads and impurities – my skin was flawless and glowing after use. I admit removing the peel stung a little, like pulling off a bandaid… (If I had a lurking mustache before use, I certainly didn’t have it afterwards.) 

blaq face mask after peeling it off
successfully peeled off the whole mask in one sheet

The clean and clear pores and flawless skin was 100% worth it.

I quickly discovered the importance of avoiding areas like the hairline and eyebrows. Word of advise, don’t try to peel if you make a mistake. You might loose a brow. This stuff has a powerful grip.

Good news is, if you accidentally went over, you can peel everything but your “mistake” areas, then dampen with warm water and soften the mask back to liquid form if you make an amateur move like myself. 

blaq face mask packaging

How to apply the BLAQ face mask

To use, apply to clean skin (carefully avoiding eyebrows and hairline) and allow the mask to dry for 15-20 minutes. You’ll know when the mask is ready to remove as it will be tight, and dry to the touch. While paper thin, it has enough viscosity to be gently peeled off in a single pice. Peel slowly, and in an upward direction. Reveal nothing but pure flawless skin underneath.

blaq charcoal beauty products

Where to shop some BLAQ charcoal goodness for yourself

Want to give it a try? The BLAQ facemask was the best I’ve tried, and they offer a tight collection of beauty and oral care items – all infused with powerful detoxifying charcoal. You can shop some of their signature items at Revolve including the BLAQ face mask and whitening wand.

blaq eye mask with hyaluronic acid
image cred: BLAQ

Side note, I also tried the BLAQ Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask. Too soon to tell results, but the cool gel pads felt amazing after a long day.

While I partnered with BLAQ for the FEELING 22 campaign, this BLAQ face mask review is unsponsored, uncensored and unprompted. Just a product I plan on continuing to incorporate into my little slice of heaven I like to call, a Day in my Dreams. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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