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imagine a world, and resolve to make it so

We should reinvent ourselves not only everyday, but in every moment. When we cling to an idea of who we think we are, it’s then we get stuck, when we can’t compromise, and often when we’re too blinded by ourselves to really see each moment for what it is.

But, it’s not so easy to be ever conscious in every waking moment. As such, each year I try to re-evaluate who I am, who I want to be, and areas I feel the need for growth. This becomes a sort of loose framework that helps to guide the consciousness in those moments you do find time to pause.

In years past, I have sought to simplify, to let go of the pursuit of perfection, and to strive for progress

2021 has been a strange year. One I cannot begin to know how to describe. It wreaked havoc on our lives. It taught us how to be more self reliant and prepared. It made us question our way of life, and it changed the way we worked and our lives at home. It challenged us to find ourselves, in a more quite space. I have never wished away a year – time is too precious.  Yet, I’m ready for the chapter ahead. 

This year’s resolution is for a world that’s still shaken. One with growing chaos and unrest. One where… people haven’t fully recovered. It’s one I will fail daily, but feel strongly if we all try, the world (and our own personal lives) will truly be a better place. 

“Leave each person,
and each place
better than you found it.”

Imagine a world where instead of leaving our mess behind, we take the time to clean up someone else’s. Instead of taking out our worries or impatience on those around us, we dissolve negative thinking, and find ways to give the gift of happiness. 

Imagine a home where we’ve improved our space of living everyday, and can enjoy our weekend to rest and reset before each new week begins.

Imagine having the power to deflect the overwhelming negativity in this world, by making each personal encounter a positive one. Imagine starting new, and better, everyday. 

We’re all busy. And we can’t do everything. We can’t control the world, or reset the direction it’s spinning. But we do have control over one thing – ourselves. And you’d be surprised just how powerful you really are.

I pray you feel inspired to see today differently. To make small, incremental changes in the world around you to make your day, your life, and the world around you a better place.

I hope you share your light, in a world of darkness. And I hope you get to witness just how much brighter your light can shine.

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