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Ravella silk review in winter whites

ravella silk review

Soft, subtle, and velvety-smooth to the touch – silk remains a go-to selection for luxury fashion pieces for women around the world. With meticulous craftsmanship in manufacturing at a high thread count for maximum luster and beauty, it’s also remained a challenge to attain quality silk pieces at an affordable price range for everyday wear. Fret no more. I’ve partnered with Ravella to introduce you to a new line of silk wear that’s as carefully crafted as highly-sought luxury brands, at a price range you can afford to stock your wardrobe with.

In this Ravella silk review, I will be sharing my experience with the brand, my thoughts on the quality of material and designs, and a few key features that make Ravella silk innovative in the fashion market.

ravella silk blouse review

wearing ravella silk blouse

photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk blouse c/o:RAVELLA

First, here’s a bit about the brand

Ravella is a modern luxury brand specializing in 100% silk products, offering a capsule collection of blouses and silk tops. Named after a coastal town in Italy, Ravella is inspired from a name meaning “to rebel” in Italian. Their vision and mission is to provide fashion the re-defines rules, providing quality clothing at an assessable price-range, made by women, for women.

closeup of ravella silk blouse

Ravella provides luxury-grade silk at attainable prices

Without layers, Ravella works directly with the world’s best silk mills and factories to bring you luxurious silk directly, cutting out the middle man and the markup that’s involved. Their marketing and corporate lingo is fresh and cheeky, making them an experiential brand with a relaxed personality.

“Creating the perfect wardrobe starts with the right ingredients. Effortlessly chic essentials that last? Check. Versatility and comfort? Check. Check. Respectful of your time and style? You bet. Let’s be real. We know you’ve got things to do, places to be, and dreams to achieve. That’s why we’re here to help. We provide the clothes that light a match underneath your passions, allowing you to blaze your own trails.” – Ravella

The story of the silk

Of course, what makes the brand stand out even more is the quality of their 100% ultra-premium silk. Silk is a bit like sheets – the higher the thread count (or in this case the higher the density), the more luxurious experience you can expect. Ravella uses  21mm of silk, a density that is only matched by some of fashion’s most luxury brands. They manufacture charmeuse silk, which is designed to flow and drape over your body with a particular luster you don’t find in low-grade silks.

ravella silk lustercloseup of ravella silk

You can expect a buttery feel to the touch, in a material dense enough to avoid easily snagging when your handling the silk for wear. The finish has a sort of glow, that reminds you of youth’s healthy skin, or the finish of a high-quality sea-pearl. It’s breezy, light and comfortable, and allows the right amount of breathing during wear.

My favorite feature – Ravella silk is machine washable

What? I know. You just spilled your coffee all over your keyboard and blouse. Too bad you weren’t wearing Ravella. The most innovative feature of the brand’s signature silks, is that you’ll finally be able to enjoy the luxury material, without having to make frequent pitstops at the dry cleaners. Save the time, worry and (as Ravella says)… “save the cash for a martini. You’re welcome.”

ravella silk street stylemachine washable silk

About the look

For the purpose of this Ravella review, they provided me with their Milano silk blouse in blanc white. It’s a sort of a vanilla ice-cream-white, with a pearly opaque luster. It has a classic blouse fit, great for office or relaxed wear around town. Since it’s machine washable, I won’t just be saving this luxury silk blouse for special occasions. The buttons are gold and rounded, giving it a sort of minimal, dressy appearance. For this look, I’ve paired it with white jeans for a winter-white combination that’s airy and modern.

Ravella silk collection

With their site newly launched, you’ll be able to shop 4 unique looks in Ravella’s silk collection – including 2 blouses, 1 tank, and one t-shirt length shirt. They come in a variety of classic shades including skyway blue, midnight navy, caviar black and more. The assortment is just enough to cover all of your luxury silk essentials, and is a great one-stop shop for grabbing a few pieces to fill your wardrobe gaps in luxurious silk staples.

ravella silk review recap

Ravella silk review

Overall, I have been impressed with Ravella’s innovative leaps in luxury fashion, and their modern, comfortable approach to providing wardrobe staples for every woman. Their silk can only be compared to the most luxurious pieces in my wardrobe, and their brand motto is one I’m proud to support.

If you’re in the market to update your silk essentials, shop their limited release on with exclusive first-access now to take advantage of the special pre-order prices. Ravella also makes a great gift if you’re looking for something special for the women on your holiday shipping list!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ravella. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


  1. Suzy Sanmar says

    I bought some sweaters there. The quality was good, but the sizing was odd, and returns and exchanges were sub par. Their customer experience is not on a par with their products. I probably won’t buy from them again. At those prices, we deserve good service.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Their quality is really so good! Thanks for the feedback on their customer service I’m sure people will find it helpful. That’s one area I don’t always get to experience on the blogger side of things.


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