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so you think you can play with the big cats

In Bandhavgarh India, I had the opportunity to visit the national parks and take (multiple) safaris through the tiger reserve. All creatures there are free to roam, with the exception of a few unconnected fence lines intended to deter the big cats from the local villages. We enjoyed the unforgettable experience of sighting several wild tigers, including a couple of cubs. Aside from the awe of their beauty, large cats are truly fascinating creatures. I learned from one of the locals, a tiger that had passed the fence and wandered into the village. On one such occasion, this tiger returned back to the rainforest and over the 20’ fence… with a full grown bull caught in the grips of his jaw. photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | leopard print dress c/o:MVN | leather biker jacket c/0:ALLSAINTS | combat boots:DR. MARTIN | luxury handbag:YSL   Cats are strong, powerful creatures. The largest of their species have no natural predators. Even house cats are agile and fierce. According to Professor John Huntington, domestic cats’ posture …

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Goa beaches in India, what to expect

Planning a trip to the beaches of Goa, India? India has an extraordinary coastline, touching the borders of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It’s even home of some little known tropical island chains like the Nicobar Islands which I visited the shores of last year. However, navigating the best beaches for a tourist can prove to be a challenge, especially considering India’s more conservative standards for beach wear and spiked punch. The good news: If you know where to go, India’s beaches are a little slice of heaven. Having visited India nearly a half dozen times in the past few years, here are a few travel tips for Indian beach vacations I’ve learned along the way, and what you can expect when visiting the beaches of one of my latest travels in Goa, India. Soft white sand, a beach speckled with crabs and sea life, and an abundance of fresh coconuts nearly the price of a tootsie roll – the beaches of Goa don’t need much explaining to entice travelers from all over the world …