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fashion heroes, i’m stalking you

  feeling grey by kristina-petrick featuring black home decor   Polyvore obsession continues. It’s like having having the wardrobes of Kaity Modern from Modern Legacy, Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics, and Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit – all rolled into one… that you can play in… anytime you want. #fashionheroes #imstalkingyou (if you haven’t heard of them but you’re into minimalistic styling, you need to check them out) All it takes is a few swipes of your fingers and voila, your dream fashion combos have come true. Presented in a pretty package of a malleable, aesthetically pleasing layout. (now if only the clothes came along with it). Oh yeah, and thanks to Polyvore for letting me live out the dream (at least in my head) so much easier. So here’s to my wardrobe heroes, running the bank dry, and beauty over practicality. Cheers.

work hard, play harder, and eat a lot

At FFaNY! For any of you not in the shoe business (…probably all of you)  That is not some weirdly brilliant acronym I was cool enough to make up for your amusement, it’s a shoe show held 4 times a year in the city, and one of my bitchin perks of the job. The December show is the ultimate pleasure… it’s the first time our team gets to lay eyes on our new crop of product for the following year (so this time, we’re planning styles for our Fall/Winter 2015 collections). Wishing I could share a sneak peak at some of the eye-candy, but all under wraps for now! (AH THEY’RE SO GOOD!) X) Aside from the buzz and hustle at the showroom, a bit of time is also spent catching up with a few dear friends local there, enjoying the views and delicacies (so many treats for a small-town girl like me!), and of course, an insanely well-planned wardrobe. First day of the show, sporting perforated leather joggers (one of my prize investment pieces), …

cold beach hot coffee

Just returned from the most lovely trip to VA beach which I visited for a shoot (more on that later in the year) Spent the extra down time on the beach of course. First day was a balmy mid-70’s type day – perfect for strolling along the sea. The second day (which these photos are from) was FREEZING. Nastygal fleece and Starbucks came to the rescue, so sorry you’re going to see this jacket twice. I believe in packing light. However, I couldn’t resist being that tourist that regardless of the season, had to jet to the beach at 7:00am to catch the sunrise – even through the shivers. Bonus of a cold beach is that we had it all to ourselves! It actually made for quite a charming morning. Though my photographer may have disagreed… Wearing a new shop for the first time called BlackFive. I was apprehensive to order due to mixed reviews online, however the entire lot I purchased from them (and I did purchase a lot) were fantastic! Good quality for …