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this is where I leave you

The past couple of months have been an arduous challenge in time management, making a personal oasis essential for survival. It’s been overwhelming at times, but then I often think that’s what I live for. Moving into a new house, undertaking new challenges, and shifting towards some fresh starts has all but kept me in flight at any moment of the day. But at last, my new home has come together, with a beautiful open studio space for my work and plenty of space designed exquisitely for myself. The transition was difficult, as change often is. New beginnings are also an end, and many aspects of that evolution were bittersweet. But endings should not be sad. Rather, they should be a celebration of something beautiful. The past does not melt into the abyss, part of it stays with us forever. I am forever grateful for the places and experiences that I came from, for each moment in the present time, and the continuation to the imminent future ahead. photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | …

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best steals from the shopbop seasonal sale

Been on the lookout for some luxury fashion steals to kick off your new season wardrobe? Your time has come. Shopbop has launched its end of season sale with designer collection pieces up to 70% off. People often feel luxury fashion is unattainable for the average woman, but there are some tips that help you build a collection that lasts you from season to season. Making selections based on timeless style, taking advantage of big seasonal markdowns, and browsing vintage items are all great ways to build your luxury collection on a budget. In spirit of minimalist luxury fashion principals, I’ve decided to share my wishlist to help you get started on your iconic wardrobe. First and foremost, let’s talk about shoes. A brand that would have been impossible to miss by now, Golden Goose continues to make a big appearance in luxury street style with it’s unique, deliberately distressed collection of basic casual sneakers. I purchased my first pair at the flagship store in Milan, and have since had a major itch to expand …

luxury fashion essentials for fall 2018 trends

falling in love with sporty casuals

Another evolution begins while summer is melting with memories of travels abroad, new friends and experiences. With only a few short weekends spent at home, this year proved to be exactly the rush it was planned to be. Lifestyle plays a huge role in fashion, and with a life spent on the go, the need for flexibility rises. As such, following the hottest trends for fall 2018, we see a huge juxtapose between business casual and sporty elements that allow us to breathe between projects and bolt around between meetings. Here are a few of my top picks and wishlist items that are casual, comfortable, and tailored enough for a young professional on the run. First, let’s talk bags. Bags have taken a drastic shift this year, moving away from traditional pieces to abstract shapes, materials and sporty elements. From the basket and fishnet bag trends, to the update of the bucket bag, the silhouettes are modern and fresh, designed with clean lines and straightforward elements. Shopbop has a slew of modern-cut bags just in …