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5 tips on how to wear the pj trend without looking like you just rolled out of bed

The pajama trend, so in. Looking like you just rolled out of bed – so not. So what gives? The queens of streetstyle somehow pull the trend off flawlessly, looking effortlessly chic. Then you try it at home and look like you haven’t slept in weeks and just didn’t muster up enough motivation to make yourself presentable today. So why do we keep trying? It just looks sooo comfortable. I mean – who wouldn’t want to walk around in silky trousers and a blouse while exuding unparalleled confidence and elegance in the complete comfort of your bedroom wear. If you’re lucky enough to possess the perfect posture and body frame to pull this off without trying – that makes one of us. If you’re like me and somewhere on middle ground, the good news is there’s hope. While I’m not promising everyone can pull the look off, here are a few fashion tips I’ve found make all the difference, and just might be enough to get you kickstarted on joining the trend. To help me …