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when the rain and the sun rays hit you at the same time

The drive, incredible. Winding roads blinking with prolonged rays of sunlight flashing through the windows. There’s something magical about sunlight and the drops of rain from a summer storm hitting your windshield in unison. The streets glowed in the evening’s sunset, slicked wet from the storm, reflecting the trees and the golden sky colors around them like a mirror. The trees bent over each side, creating a lush green archway over it all. In the distance, the cool blue ridge mountaintops of the Appalachians. The journey itself made the ride worthwhile. The destination, Laurel Point cottage courtesy of Glamping with Pets. What is glamping? Precisely how it sounds, a vacation stay somewhere between the remote charm of camping and a glamorous vacation. You learn more on this glamping review blog post.   photography:KUNDAN KUMAR & KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | location c/o:GLAMPING WITH PETS The road narrowed to a private driveway, the trees parted, and alas, we were home (for the weekend). Laurel Point is split between two properties, the cottage where we …