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at the back of the north wind

“…though I cannot promise to take you home,” said North Wind, as she sank nearer and nearer to the tops of the houses, “I can promise you it will be all right in the end. You will get home somehow.” ― George MacDonald, At the Back of the North Wind Did your mom ever read to you as a child? Mine did. And I often wonder how much that impacts the way I see the world today. Reading has a way of expanding the mind and imagination in ways that nothing else really can. It’s like a type of magic, transporting you into a place that doesn’t exist, but in many ways feels more real than reality itself. Working as a Creative Writer not only for this space, but also as a career has been an eye opening experience, and in many ways brings me back to that time as a child. After all, storytelling (whether for children’s books or branded message) really aren’t so far apart. It’s that pathway to mutual understanding – an emotional connection …

where we go

Our world is forever moving, and the places it takes us are a mixture of beauty, excitement, sadness, joy, and the unexpected. Life wouldn’t balance without a little of each. I find it best to accept all with a sort of reverence to the bigger picture, which our minds are so often incapable of comprehending in the moment.  This week has been a blur of each, as I say goodbye to two of my dearest friends. (no, they didn’t die). Their lives are taking them on beautiful adventures! And I couldn’t be more excited for the new opportunities they’ll experience with a change in work and new surroundings. So proud of you guys… but seriously… did you both have to leave in opposite directions in the same flippin week?? #youleftmeallalone jk I’ll be visiting soon. And to my friends that remain, I’m sorry but you’ll be experiencing an increased dose of me in weeks to follow. With the addition of fall setting in, I’ll be searching for life’s little comforts. On the east coast, it’s been sunny and 75 …

follow me

The tones here were softened from the burst of colors in the rest of India. It’s as if the city gave off a radiance of soft tenderness. A sort of pearl itself, amidst a palace of jewels. Checking-in to Jaipur. Known for the architectural beauty of it’s cities, temples, forts,.. and pearls. The photos capture a mixture of Amber Fort (which we actually toured twice – once on foot, once on elephant!) as well as a stop along the water palace known as Jal Mahal. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever experienced. The pink city has an ordinance that no building can be painted any other color – which leant the city to a sort of dreamy, ethereal fervor. Attempting to be a minimalist in a country of color. Found this snow white traditional Indian kurta and salwar at a local market, along with the silver rings. When in Rome (or Jaipur)… photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | attire:LOCAL MARKET | cuffs:THPSHOP | hamsa beads c/o:CHLOEALYSON

cold beach hot coffee

Just returned from the most lovely trip to VA beach which I visited for a shoot (more on that later in the year) Spent the extra down time on the beach of course. First day was a balmy mid-70’s type day – perfect for strolling along the sea. The second day (which these photos are from) was FREEZING. Nastygal fleece and Starbucks came to the rescue, so sorry you’re going to see this jacket twice. I believe in packing light. However, I couldn’t resist being that tourist that regardless of the season, had to jet to the beach at 7:00am to catch the sunrise – even through the shivers. Bonus of a cold beach is that we had it all to ourselves! It actually made for quite a charming morning. Though my photographer may have disagreed… Wearing a new shop for the first time called BlackFive. I was apprehensive to order due to mixed reviews online, however the entire lot I purchased from them (and I did purchase a lot) were fantastic! Good quality for …

when the dust settles

when the dust settles by kristina-petrick featuring a ceramic mug Preen shirts top / MM6 Maison Martin Margiela cocoon coat / Atto grey skirt / American Eagle Outfitters bra / Cosabella low rise panty / NIKE white pointy shoes / Givenchy grey purse / Clear plastic purse, $16 / Sterling silver cubic zirconia bracelet / Topshop hinged bangle bracelet / Wonderland see through sunglasses / J.Crew Sterling-silver bobby pin tie bar / Isadora nail care, $14 / By Nord white home decor, $110 / Simple Life ceramic mug / Sagaform thermo water bottle, $35