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mcq black leather corset

the black leather corset, MCQ by Alexander McQueen

Playing the bad-girl with the dark side of fashion alongside slick vinyl pants and asymmetrical braids, the black leather corset is back, and more fierce than ever. The reemergence of grunge is hitting mainstream with a force. From daring fashion trends to pop culture like Taylor Swift’s rebirth in Reputation – as always – the strong bond between lifestyle and fashion is evident. Are you ready for it? It’s time to live fearlessly, embracing your boldest self, never backing down. Dominating the streets from traditional bone-lined corsets to corset belts, shirts, dresses and accessories, it’s clear mainstream is about to be overcast by an apocalyptic rush of dark, lace-up bad girl style surging through with a vengeance. And what’s worse, we’re going to like it. top corset picks by kristina-petrick featuring studded belts   photography:BECCA ESHLEMAN | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | black leather corset c/o:IFCHIC Designer labels absolutely killing the corset trend Some of the labels doing it right? Alexander McQueen has always been a luxury fashion leader in underground trends, along with labels …