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The elephant keeps walking as the dogs keep barking. Something they don’t teach you in business class. This adage from India came from my partner in crime, and I will continue to keep the words in heart. With the growth of success, comes an onslaught of negativity. And no, I’m not talking about constructive criticism that helps you grow. I’m talking about the truly nasty, nonfactual, and unprofessional based nagging and manipulation of situations with seemingly no purpose or cause. You’ve probably worked with a few such people in your life, and if you continue to grow in a path of success, you can probably expect a lot more. While the spirit’s first reaction may be to reflect the attitude, the best advise I’ve received: The elephant keeps walking as the dogs keep barking. The fact of the matter is, you’ll never be able to train the dogs. Instead, an elephant walks steadily through the streets, seemingly unaffected by the barking around them. Focus on your goals and how to achieve them. The rest around you, is just noise fading away. photography:KUNDAN …

bad siding

I know, I know – the location for these photos is terrible. But that’s just where I happened to be, and had to post because I’m in love with this new sweater. It continues to be a rainy and dark week (daylight savings, usually I despise you – but I’m ready for you to show up any day now). Weather may be most universally wardrobe defining influences – sweaters and baggy jeans here we all come. And do pardon my lazy hair day. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sweater:SIONI | jeans:LEVI’S | boots:BACIO61

casual friday

A bit overcast, and some my say dreary, but I say an excuse for an extra cup of coffee, and taking casual Friday very seriously. The wear of the day just so happened to work for a Dimmi Shoes post, so you can check it out on their blog as well. Dimmi donates 100% of profits to medical research in ALS. (before there ever was such a thing as the #icebucketchallenge) What I’m wearing: well if you read the first paragraph, you know I’m in Dimmi Shoes. This particular one is called the “Jogger”. With the trainer phenomena, one can’t have enough varied colors of sneakers.  Going for a normcore vibe for today by mixing with a dressy box top and Levi jeans. And when I wear boyfriend jeans, in this instance I do mean jeans,… that are boys. Sorry not sorry. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera: CANNON 5D MARK III  | jacket: MAX JEANS | top: SPARKLE & FADE | jeans: LEVI | shoes: DIMMI