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island getaway deep into the ocean

Crossing borders between dreams and reality, the mind is lost in overwhelming bliss and contentment in those moments where the world disappears except for what’s right in front of you. Staring into the ocean, you can almost feel the world spin beneath you as you remain motionless, caught it the moment and held by a force more powerful than any burden you may have left behind. On an island or in a dream, the certainty of which fades, and it couldn’t matter less. The feeling is strangely empowering, as the world and all who are in it are powerless to enter that moment and change the winds sweeping through the air. A summer getaway – never too often. Truly all I want and ever need – endless motion with you beside the ocean. Another look into the Nicobar Islands, India on a recent summer’s adventure. The dark rocks jutting up from the sea look almost ominous from afar, but as movement draws them near they’re smooth and wet beneath your feet from the ever tumbling …