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how to get a good nights sleep

how to get the best night’s sleep, even with a lawless, overloaded lifestyle

Daylight Savings is just around the corner, and who’s worried about not getting a good night’s sleep? This week has been another firecracker with a busy work schedule and St. Patty’s day festivities off to an early start. My office calendar is exploding with color-coded tabs, and while I should be getting some extra zzzz’s to stay on top of my A-game, sometimes the after-party is too good to resist. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Or at least, maximize my time when I am awake. They key to functioning at the speed of my digestive system after devouring corned beef, cabbage and a few pints of beer?… a great night’s sleep. Contrary to popular belief, it really is possible to squeeze in a great night of re-charging between even the most overlapping plans. How to manage? Here are some of my tricks to get a great night’s sleep, even with a schedule as lawless as mine. 1. Pencil it in. A fashion blogger’s best friend: a planner, with lots of space on each day, and …