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Just returned from a week in NYC and off to VA beach for a weekend getaway… the hustle has my mother dearest reminding me that a healthy body and happy mind keep illness away – take care of both to keep the doctor away! No life support called in yet – so looks like that department is going pretty well so far. Keeping things simple and following a happy, logical outlook makes it simple to keep the head held high . The warm season has reduced my time allowance for fitness procrastination, so finally taking steps forward on that healthy summer bod (and considering I’m out of breath climbing three floors to my apt, looks like there’s some serious work to be done). photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | essential tank c/o:AMVI | essential leggings c/o:AMVI | flatform shoes c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | green tea c/o:MATCHA TEA | timepiece c/o:RUEBEN RAY | silver rings c/o:EVERY MONDAY GHOST Trying a new Matcha green tea powder that promises to boost the metabolism and increase energy to give me that …