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tips on how to prepare for the holidays

how to prepare yourself for the holidays – meal planning, holiday checklist, and more

It happens every year, yet somehow we’re never prepared. It’s holiday season. There are strings of lights tangled in every corner of the house, flour from your mishap-baking project covering the entire kitchen, smoke rises as the turkey burns to a dry lug in the oven, and half-wrapped presents lay concealed under your dirty laundry in the bedroom. Sound familiar? It’s tough to survive the holidays. Especially if you’re balancing a job, family school – or like me balancing being a fashion blogger with another full time career. If life wasn’t pleasantly chaotic enough, someone decided to put Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, school registration, end-of-year reports, 4th quarter deadlines and your dog’s stomach flue all in the same few weeks. Not well planned. Not well planned at all. Thankfully, you can be. I’ve found the key to surviving the holidays is all about three things: planning, organization, and maintaining a level of sanity with a healthy lifestyle. It’s amazing the perspective you can have if you actually manage to get that early start for once. …

IRO skirt from ifchic

the essential front button skirt

Thought the button down essential skirt would disappear after summer? Think again. This fall 2017 trend isn’t going no where. Whether you play it smart with a pair of tights in the cold or risk it bare-legged during the sporadic warm-weather days – front button skirts aren’t backing down for a little chill. While summer fashion saw denim skirts in every shade, the way to play this trend through the fall season is by migrating to dark colors and warmer materials. This skirt by IRO was another find from ifchic, one of my favorite destinations for luxury fashion items. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | iro skirt c/0:IFCHIC Ifchic has supplied me with a few of my essential pieces like this Theory t-shirt and my high-waisted Rachel Comey jeans. This IRO skirt was no exception, and I look forward to continuing to rock it through the cold season – goosebumps or not. What’s great about this piece? The wooly material provides a bit of extra warmth for this leg-baring style, making it wearable through …

what to wear for the holidays

what to wear for the holidays – 3 looks for office, casual and cocktail parties

Christmas is just around the corner, and aside from the merriment of the season, that means it’s the time of year for countless holiday functions from work parties to family gatherings and Christmas cocktails with the girls. Yanking out stacks of fall sweaters, holiday dresses and the shoes that you wore to last year’s party? It can be challenging to figure out what to wear for Christmas events. Looking for some inspiration? As a fashion blogger, it’s true my closet truly overfloweth. But yours doesn’t need to in order to find a good match for holiday style. I’ve put together a holiday style guide addressing looks for work parties, casual get togethers, and cocktail hour during the Christmas season. Here are some tips in picking your holiday dresses, shoes and more! How to dress for an office holiday party The trick here is balancing professionalism and your personal holiday style. You don’t want to show up as “that girl” wearing a red vinyl mini while everyone else is in knee-length black – but you also …