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Black… like my heart. (just kidding) But on a serious note, do you ever dress according to your mood? Sun is shining: all-white and some killer shoes, on a good day, my hair will also get combed. Overcast: black and reaching for the sweaters, even if it isn’t cold. Going to the beach? I just might wear a splash of color (don’t quote me on that). It’s like I need the outward me to reflect whatever the day will bring. Maybe I should wear more light colors to keep me in a good mood? hmmm… #foodforthought… nah. Today, partly cloudy with a chance of let’s-go-out-and-have-some-fun. Feeling like a badass in all black by Dead Legacy. This knit is so soft, I don’t plan on crawling out of it in the next foreseeable future. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | sweatshirt c/o:DEAD LEGACY | skirt:NASTYGAL | crossbody:FOREVER21 | jewelry:FOREVER21 | shoes:MADELINE | nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE All the details from Forever21… Yes – I’m fully aware that 21 has long since come and gone. But I couldn’t resist stocking up on …

running from waves

One more day by the sea. Though the mornings were beyond crisp, the afternoons were perfection with a light breeze and 70’s sun. Just enough to bring out more freckles on my face. I’m still in denial that they’re actually sun spots. I knew it would be much too cold to get in the water, so I opted for some knit Bermuda shorts (that I’m absolutely obsessed with) and a jacket. Needless to say, they were both wet by the time we departed. I just can’t resist the salty goodness. Also noticing I’ve put my slides through a lot, time to shop for a replacement pair! photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | fleece:NASTYGAL |  slides:NICOLE