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where we go

Our world is forever moving, and the places it takes us are a mixture of beauty, excitement, sadness, joy, and the unexpected. Life wouldn’t balance without a little of each. I find it best to accept all with a sort of reverence to the bigger picture, which our minds are so often incapable of comprehending in the moment.  This week has been a blur of each, as I say goodbye to two of my dearest friends. (no, they didn’t die). Their lives are taking them on beautiful adventures! And I couldn’t be more excited for the new opportunities they’ll experience with a change in work and new surroundings. So proud of you guys… but seriously… did you both have to leave in opposite directions in the same flippin week?? #youleftmeallalone jk I’ll be visiting soon. And to my friends that remain, I’m sorry but you’ll be experiencing an increased dose of me in weeks to follow. With the addition of fall setting in, I’ll be searching for life’s little comforts. On the east coast, it’s been sunny and 75 …

lights, camera, action

Currently enjoying one of the laziest weekends I’ve had in a looooong time. Including sleeping til noon, breakfast in bed, and a cucumber-apple juice straight from the new Breville machine. Life is good, and I thought I’d take the moment to share a piece of it, starting on the day we first began shooting with the Cannon 5D. Hope you enjoy the camera play and a peek into one of those quite moments in life. Cheers! PS My mom made this scarf, she rocks.     

cold beach hot coffee

Just returned from the most lovely trip to VA beach which I visited for a shoot (more on that later in the year) Spent the extra down time on the beach of course. First day was a balmy mid-70’s type day – perfect for strolling along the sea. The second day (which these photos are from) was FREEZING. Nastygal fleece and Starbucks came to the rescue, so sorry you’re going to see this jacket twice. I believe in packing light. However, I couldn’t resist being that tourist that regardless of the season, had to jet to the beach at 7:00am to catch the sunrise – even through the shivers. Bonus of a cold beach is that we had it all to ourselves! It actually made for quite a charming morning. Though my photographer may have disagreed… Wearing a new shop for the first time called BlackFive. I was apprehensive to order due to mixed reviews online, however the entire lot I purchased from them (and I did purchase a lot) were fantastic! Good quality for …