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Costa Rica sunshine and the true meaning of luxury

Something about the sun warms not only our skin, but also the soul. Hello blog world. The last couple of months have taken me to Nashville, Vegas, Atlanta, Milan, Lugano, and Costa Rica. Wrapping up an intense travel season, I have a moment to reflect on the adventures had and memories made. Here’s another snippet from Costa Rica – an annual international travel tradition with myself and a few friends. photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | denim shorts:LEVI | location:VILLA TRANQUILA, COSTA RICA Each year, we choose a new destination where we enjoy all of the local food, sights and leisure we can soak up in 10 days. Each a true luxury to experience, this was no exception. Our caravan of 18 companions flew into San Jose, where we spent a night at a resort enjoying late night bites, a local casino, and a night view of the tropical poolside. The stop was quick, as the earliest shuttle transported us to the beaches of Tamarindo early the next morning. With such a …

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what you should know before touring mosques in Egypt

Looking for things to do in Cairo? Welcome to one of my favorite, and most fascinating countries in the world. Having spent several days in the city of Cairo, along with speaking to the locals and a couple of close friends born in Egypt, this travel blog is intended to share the experience and knowledge gained to help you enjoy your trip to the max while being respectful to local culture. Egypt is bursting with an array of incredible sights, ancient history and beautiful people, and despite controversy, Cairo tourism has really started to pick up. Before you go, there are a few travel tips that are critical in having the best experience Egypt has to offer. In this travel blog, we will cover what you should know before you visit Cairo mosques in Egypt in order to maximize your time, save money, and understand what to wear and how to get around the beautiful, ancient city. Map out your favorite mosques in advance There are over 1,000 mosques in Cairo alone, some dating back …