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anne fontaine holiday style guide

guide to effortless luxury holiday style with Anne Fontaine

Sparkling strings of Christmas lights, a pure white snow blanketing the earth and falling from the sky, reflections of city traffic and street lights on the wet streets – it’s the holiday season. Jazz and vintage albums replace the commercial sounds in the stores, and a sense of rush and overwhelming romanticism is palpable within every moment. It’s no wonder we look forward to the holiday season, even with the flood of tasks and mile-long to-do’s. It’s a time of parties and play and general Christmas cheer. And what could be more delightful than parading around in gorgeous holiday garb with your best friends and loved ones all within reach? But no time to think, no time to plan, and we all want to look fab! Fret not my loves. Here’s a guide to effortless luxury holiday style in collaboration with the esteemed Anne Fontaine, to rescue your wardrobe and let you spend that extra time on another bottle of bubbly with your bests. photography:MEGAN CURRANT | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | outfits c/o:ANNE FONTAINE …

anne fontaine holiday gift guide

dark romance revealed in the Anne Fontaine holiday accessory gift guide

The first of winter’s snow has fallen gracefully on the ground, lights are strung up around the city, and it seems the world is ready once again for the holiday season. Editorials and fashion bloggers have turned their focus to holiday preparation and style, and in this space, that’s no exception. Shades of red, green and gold speckle shopping centers and holiday wardrobes. Joining in the spirits, I’ve partnered with Anne Fontaine presenting a luxury fashion gift guide with opulent gems to give or get, following the most exclusive of today’s fashion trends. Anne Fontaine has presented an innovative collection of moody accessories with a dark, romantic edge.   Studded with golden chains, leather straps, rounded gems and feminine lace – these pieces are an experiential treat to give or to adorn yourself with over the holidays. In the collection, you’ll find a mesmerizing mix of intrinsic-medieval collars, belts, jewelry, scarves, brooches, shoes, sunglasses and my personal favorite – jeweled cufflinks in a variety of living forms. In the collection, you’ll find lush velvets, delicate …