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Minimalist at heart, but not ready to give up my stuff. Want a look inside my wardrobe? Come on in. The water’s nice. Welcome to the fashion blog collection of day in my dreams, ready to get you inspired for your next ootd. Here’s what I wore, who I’m wearing and what pieces I love most. From modern street style to fashion forecasting and ootd inspo, here’s what to wear today in mostly monochrome, luxury fashion.

tips for shopping cyber weekend sales

5 tips for scoring Luxury fashion cyber weekend steals

If your a sucker for a luxury steal, get excited about the year’s biggest online shopping event where you’ll be able to score your luxury wishlist at fraction of the cost! As a supporter of a minimalist lifestyle, Black Friday and Cyber weekend sale events are not about loading up on a bulk of whatever low-price items I can get my hands on. It’s about collecting a few new key luxury fashion pieces that have been on the wishlist for a capsule collection that I’ll be able to incorporate into countless outfits in my existing wardrobe. Working as a luxury fashion blogger, people often remark that while they would love to share a similar style, it’s difficult to acquire so many luxury pieces. However, if you’re deliberate about your purchases, consider your cost-per-wear and leverage important tips for buying luxury fashion, you can build your collection at a steal, and develop your wardrobe over time. Having said that, I’ve been eyeing some of my favorite pieces from my go-to luxury retailers, and already shared a …

mobs design sneaker review

MOBS Design sneaker review

Modern utility and altheisure design, check. Luxury essentials with sporty undertones, check. Footwear designed for a casual lifetyle, check. If you’re a regular blog visitor, you may remember my ode to luxury footwear for the modern nomad from December of last year. If not, prepare to tread the urban jungle on a discovery of globally inspired footwear in this MOBS Design review covering details about the brand, design inspiration, related fashion trends, a bit about the 6 pairs I now own in my own closet, and the latest scoop on their newest collection. Discover the MOBS mentality Mobility, optimism, beauty and soul – it’s what MOBS stands for, and it’s the gravitational center of the MOBS mentality. MOBS Design is a brand of men’s and women’s luxury sneakers with an architectural design inspired from cityscapes around the world. Made for the restless wanderer and the creative soul, MOBS is more than a brand. They are a movement towards the appreciation of beauty found in all humanity, and the sense of satisfaction one feels when seeing …

luxury fashion black friday sale from farfetch

What’s on my Farfetch Black Friday wish list and how to score yours

Black Friday is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to grab your luxury fashion essentials for the season, at the best prices you’re likely to see them year-round. Luxury fashion can be an admittedly expensive habit, one I relish to the utmost no doubt. However, I have learned you get what you pay for, and if you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your purchases, your price-per-wear is probably better when you invest in quality pieces that fit into your lifestyle. And not only are luxury pieces an investment when chosen wisely, that investment can double up quick when you snag said pieces at a bargain price. That’s never done quite as well as Black Friday, when retailers mark down the vast majority of their products for the biggest day in retail all year. Update: Use code: x20BF for an extra 20% off during the Farfetch Black Friday sale! Black Friday shopping tips Tip for scoring big on Black Friday: scope out and shortlist your …

trendy fashion leopard print skirt with chunky sneakers outfit

25+ leopard print skirt and fashion steals to shop

Ready to embrace your wild side? Animal print is the fiercest trend of 2018 fall fashion, and everyone is scrambling to get the best pieces before this fast fashion trend sells out. The most iconic piece being the satin leopard print skirt – the best styles are already hard to find, so I’ve shortlisted a few shopping links that you can still grab your favorites before they’re gone! Let’s start where this trend is hitting the hardest, the silky satin leopard print skirt. This one took a bit for me to give you guys a few options, but I was able to scrape up the best of the best below – including where I got mine: AliExpress. That’s right, even a luxury fashion blogger cheats sometimes. Always an advocate of splurging on timeless fashion and grabbing the steals for trendy pieces, leopard-print counts towards my fast-fashion steals, so a low price with decent quality is a happy balance to a well-stocked luxury wardrobe. Looking for a double steal? You can get a leopard print dress …

luxury fashion suit separates get sporty with athleisure pieces

tailored suit set remixed with sporty details

Taking a break to spend some much needed time with my white angel on the couch, and wanted to share this look with you all. One of my favorite trends of fall 2018 is the evolution of athleisure in luxeleisure styles. This year, we see a movement of suiting and dress pieces making bolder statements with sporty accents. From tailored, business suiting layered with belts and sneakers, to more casual takes on the trend (like this two-piece crop and pant set), it’s a playful combination that exudes confidence with a playful twist. You’ll be spotting some more formal execution of this trend here on the blog in weeks to come that’s great for office or day wear, but in the mean time, here’s an easy play off the trend that you can wear at home, or casually out in a more relaxed environment. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | top c/o:AMMARA | logo belt:GIVENCHY   They key to the trend is matching your suiting pieces for a totally monochrome look, or layering a …