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white out instagram moment

Enjoying a bit of unseasonably warm weather in VA… and couldn’t resist a quicky of the #ootd. It’s been a crazy week as usually getting ready for shoe show season, and I have two more looks in the queue waiting for verbiage. So in the interim, stay posted with the all-mighty Instagram and it’s mastering of my on-the-spot capturing of moments! These were taken just a few hours ago, welcome to the nitty gritty inside of the corners of my life haha. Instagram: photography:KUNDAN KUMAR  | camera:iPHONE6 | overcoat:FOREVER21 | pleat skirt:ZARA | shoes:NICOLE

man tailored

First of all, don’t mind the same J Brand jeans two post in a row… told you they were a staple! (I did laundry I swear) Second of all, these photos were taken on 11/11, the month and day, not the time – however I am considering them to be lucky all the same. Lastly, I know it’s been a hot spell since my last post, travels have kept me away, but I’ll be sure to fill you in on the posts to come. For now let’s just say the past 10 days I have been in NYC, Wisconsin, Florida, and finally back home to Virginia. So the short of it – I’m going to bed immediately after this post is written, even though it’s currently 7:15PM. What it is (in my best gangster voice): The coat is called Ada by Marc New York, so immediately I thought it would be fabulous. The leather detailing on the sleeves sold me in a heartbeat. Sadly, it collects lint like CRAZY. Had this discussion with a couple …

it started in september

Ever wonder what it would be like if every whimsical notion that popped into your head was not only entertained, but thought through and dissected for the possibility of execution – rather than locked away into your mind’s file cabinet of endless ideas without further engagement? Well, there would probably be a lot of failures, and impossible amounts of wasted time and resources. But a precious few of those ideas would be given the opportunity to escape the mind’s prison and become something beyond it’s otherwise zero potential, opening up a world of unlimited possibilities. All that to say, today I’ve decided to start a journal of a day in my dreams. This particular day was what I like to think of as perfection. Nothing is better than a warm breezy day in September being spent outdoors with nothing in particular pressing to do, other than take the time to enjoy the moment. Stop and get a cup of jo at the local coffee shop, take the pooch for an extended stroll, eat a cucumber wrap with hummus, and take a …