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Because “yes let’s go tomorrow” just isn’t the right approach. Let’s go today. The month of September has been an absolute whirlwind with a grand total of about 7 days spent at home and the rest jet setting from NYC to San Francisco, and a couple places between. The chill of fall has set in and I found myself staring into uncharted waters… my first time laying eyes on the west coast. So what do you do with 24 hours in San Francisco? Well here’s how one story went with some must-do adventures and suggestions on what not to do to avoid west coast blues. Why 24 hours? It was actually more like 36, but long story short it was a much needed weekend away, and with NYC sandwiching on both sides, it had to be a short and sweet. Want to experience life? Don’t complain when time is short, make the most of it and go when you can go. If you were watching my Instagram stories you already got the first look… here’s …