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The tones here were softened from the burst of colors in the rest of India. It’s as if the city gave off a radiance of soft tenderness. A sort of pearl itself, amidst a palace of jewels. Checking-in to Jaipur. Known for the architectural beauty of it’s cities, temples, forts,.. and pearls. The photos capture a mixture of Amber Fort (which we actually toured twice – once on foot, once on elephant!) as well as a stop along the water palace known as Jal Mahal. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever experienced. The pink city has an ordinance that no building can be painted any other color – which leant the city to a sort of dreamy, ethereal fervor. Attempting to be a minimalist in a country of color. Found this snow white traditional Indian kurta and salwar at a local market, along with the silver rings. When in Rome (or Jaipur)… photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | attire:LOCAL MARKET | cuffs:THPSHOP | hamsa beads c/o:CHLOEALYSON

whispers of the past

Welcome inside the famed Khajuraho temples of central India.The Chandela dynasty to be specific, between 950 and 150 AD. A hidden grove of ancient architecture, famed in darkness for it’s reputation of erotic sculptures lining it’s walls. I went in slightly braced, and hugely curious. What I discovered, was a beautifully enchanting retreat that had a way of encompassing one with feelings of unchecked fantasy and whispers of the past. Its sculptures were much for focused on that era of everyday lifestyle, war, peace, rulers, etc than that of a suggestive nature. Only small segments on one of the over 20 temples, displayed any form of sexuality. Though what they did show… they showed a lot. Like everything. And some pretty weird stuff too… So on that note, let’s move on to fashion shall we? Disregarding the previous insights, India has actually an extremely modest nature throughout. So wardrobe options in 90 degree weather were limited. May I advise loose, breathable clothing should you venture there. The leather crop I’m wearing here was super cute and flattering with the flowing culottes. However,… it …

the far east

Just received final confirmation that I will be traveling back to the far east this spring, and couldn’t be more excited for the trip. This adventure will be a mix of work and pleasure, starting in China for overseeing of photography techniques and interior remodeling of our office space there. We’re planning on a sleek update complete with cement flooring, walls of windows, and some luxe finishing details. (wishing this was going to be for my flat!) This will be my first visit to China; when I was asked to get the 10 year multi-entry visa… I said YES! From China, I will be touring India for my second time. The country is absolutely beautiful, and I find myself reminiscing of my first visit there last year. A part of my heart will now always reside there amongst the beautiful people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and now am proud to consider my family and friends. Since that was pre-blog, I will be sure to keep you guys more updated this time around. …