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fall capsule wardrobe essentials for a minimalist wardrobe - blogger tips

5 essential basics for a fall capsule wardrobe

I’ve long been an advocate of less-is-more, especially when it comes to curating an ideal capsule wardrobe. Though life as a fashion blogger has an influx of new fashion pieces arriving to my door on nearly a daily basis, a majority of these items are donated or given to my close friends shortly after arrival. Why? First of all, I feel beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to share with you guys my inspiration in fashion, travel and life in general. Giving back is one way I feel like I can keep that incredible encouragement you provide to me, flowing on to the next person. Second of all, one only has so much space in their wardrobe! My value in life is placed on experiences, and surrounding myself with the people I love. Minimizing is an important step to reducing clutter, saving time, and maximizing on the things that are most important to you. Thirdly, I can now officially announce to you guys – I’m moving! There has never been a better time to …