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Scrolling for hours and not finding what you’re looking for? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Cut straight to the chase and get right to business. (I know you like that) Here are the blog posts with a mixture of fashion, travel and lifestyle that you’re not going to want to miss.

this + that: 13 effortlessly stylish outfit ideas for winter

We’re all busy. Our generation has lent to a society that packs our every moment with morning fitness routines, late night office hours, social rendezvous, and maintaining picture perfect homes. We’re always in a rush, and the moment we’re able to slow down, we try to squeeze in one last to-do that’s been dismissed on our list a few too many times. It’s not always easy to be effortlessly chic when you’re dashing out the door 15 min. from your last alarm in the freezing cold, or trying to juggle morning responsibilities before launching your first zoom.  Efficiency is key in a fast paced world where we don’t want to miss a thing. And, a key to efficiency is thoughtful planning. While one should never overthink the process, it’s good to recognized patterns that inevitably make our lives easier. If your slowdown in the morning is staring at your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear, these outfit recipes for winter are going to be your weekly deliverance.  You probably have a few go-to outfits …