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serenity surrounded by natural springs in Elizabethton, TN

Elizabethton Tennessee geese spring water river

Serenity. If I could choose a single word, that would be it. A long weekend of promised exile from a chaotic world came into fruition like the first budding trees of the season. Welcome to Elizabethton, TN, a quaint town of old southern American history.

covered bridge park, elizabethton tennesseebrunch at a homestead retreat in elizabethton tn

Once a buzzing capital of American government, the city has reached a pleasant lull just off the banks of the Doe River. That’s where we spent the last two days… booking a homestead retreat just outside the local buzz of the historical city center.


Known for its water resources and renewable energy, the rivers flow with fresh spring water that’s distributed more than any other water system in the entire state of Tennessee.

spring water elizabethton tncovered bridge park geese elizabethton tn

That’s where we spent the best of our time. Soaking up the early spring sunshine at Covered Bridge Park overlooking the Doe River. Teaming with geese and swans, the wildlife seemed know just how good life was in such pure, tranquil waters.

The sound of the clearest waters trickling over smooth river stones competed only with that of the soft chirping of the birds and the soft breeze through the branches above us.

The birds glided over the smooth surface of the river, leaving behind them glints of magic sparkling in the sun. After spending a moment with them, you could quickly learn each different spirit of the creatures as they played, competed, and chased each other over the waters.

serenity in elizabethton tn at doe river

We laid there under the trees, until nature accepted us as a part of the moment. The taste of clean, unpolluted air rolling off the spring water felt like purity cleansing our lungs. It didn’t feel like vacation, it felt like home.

A reminder to all to getaway, escape, and get back to the roots of humanity where life is pure and simple. May you all take the time to enjoy God’s creation in serenity between life’s ongoing motion.


  1. Hazel Tyree says

    Amazing ! Thank You for sharing ! Love being in Nature Regrouping and Seeking Clarity !! Just to add : Another One of God’s Jewels ( my Fav🥰) Hummingbirds so Beautiful !!! Awesome Pics 🥰


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