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coffee addiction on the go

A life of traveling and a severe coffee addiction can be a serious struggle of competition at times. Living in VA and working in NYC has been one of life’s greatest adventures. Arriving to my Airbnb after an 8 hour train ride to realize there is no coffee pot in the apt – the opposite of life’s greatest adventures.

Expanding to new things in the new year – this is the first of many lifestyle journeys that will be a part of day in my dreams. Sharing adventures on the go, travel in NYC and beyond, fashion updates, and tips in tricks I’ve learned along the way in my blogging adventures will now be openly shared with you in upcoming posts – so brace for what’s to come next! These will be the things you wish your mom had told you before prom, what you need to know for blogging success, how to edit photos, and what you wish you understood before you wore that awful fashion faux pas you’re still regretting (common, we’ve all been there). But first, let’s go back to where we started. Coffee.


photography:YOURS TRULY | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III & iPHONE 6 | travel ready drip coffee c/o:LEVITY BREW | all natural coffee creamer c/o:LEANER CREAMER | silver mesh buckle bracelet c/o:GRAMERCI | cuff ring c/o:GRAMERCI


The above story of my NYC coffee sadly an all-to-often experience. Sure, there’s a coffee shop every two blocks in the city, but after a long day of travel – sometimes that journey is just too long to bear. And what about flights? Working in fashion marketing at my previous job, I was jet setting what seemed to be like every couple of weeks. And airplane coffee?… let’s just say it leaves some to be desired.

Moral of the story, I just tried this sample packet of Levity brew. Slightly skeptical (usually repulsed by the idea of anything remotely close to “instant coffee”) this drip coffee actually left me shockingly pleased with the full body flavor. First following thought – these packets are so travel friendly, guess who’s not having that bad coffee experience again? #justaddwater #pleasesendmore Definitely a recommendation for gals and guys on the go.


Next up: how do you take your coffee? I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to coffee. As long as it’s strong and hot it doesn’t even have to be hot let’s be real… I’ll drink it. 

I am however (TMI alert) slightly lactose intolerant. I can handle small amounts of cheese, yogurt, even ice cream. But a bit of milk in my coffee… that one I’ll usually regret. Perhaps because of that, I’ve gotten myself pretty accustomed to drinking black coffee most days, however I still get the itch for something a bit smooth, or a whole milk latte every now and again. No pain, no gain right? ha. If you’ve ever had this dilemma “Hi, my name is Kristina…” haha jk no confessions necessary. But if so, this Leaner Creamer turns out to be a great supplement for a non-dairy coffee creamer.

Bonus: it’s also packing some pretty healthy ingredients like coconut and green tea extract formulated (naturally) to keep that lady like figure. I’m now chalking up my morning coffee as equivalent to a vita-shake and skipping the gym. (shh… yes it is the same)


How do you satisfy your coffee addiction? I have this weird concept stuck in my head that somehow it is a simulation of your personality (yes, I’m judging you) just kidding. But for real…

til next time, may your weekdays be short and your coffee be strong.


  1. I actually don’t drink coffee but I have the same addiction for tea. I usually have some tea bags with me when I travel, so that’s pretty easy. The portable brew seems to pick up a similar concept and I think it’s simple and brilliant alike!

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  2. Esther says

    I really want to try this coffee, because well… my coffee addiction is a little out of control :) Thank you so much for sharing, I’m definitely gonna check this company out! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Esther

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