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teatox and travel wear

Frequent trips have led me to develop some go-to habits which are my fail safe to avoid all the many mini crisises that can happen along the way. Travel wear: it’s a science. Packed bad shoes? Bandaids in bag. Airport security? Liquids in easy-access purse pouch. Might need an evening clutch but don’t have room for another single bag? Clip chain for the wallet. Sounds like madness, but these types of little tips keep a swing in my step and the hitch out of travel.

If anyone can figure out the solution for delayed flights… queue me in. #lifestory

For the most part, the main issues are averted with some basics steps that save a bit of time – and make traveling a whole lot more simple. For example: travel wear. This one took me surprisingly a long time to master. It was a constant battle of what was “comfortable” and what was social acceptable to wear in public. Frankly – I couldn’t care less about the latter. But at time, duty calls for us to be presentable by the end of the journey, so this is pretty much my go to travel uniform.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | head to toe (blouse, leggings, shoes) c/o:NEWCHIC  | timepiece c/o:KLASSE14 (use code: dayinmydreams for 12% off) | silver buckle cuffs c/o:GRAMERCI | double glass tea tank c/o:TEATANK | teatox c/o:BYRON BODY


The formula: stretchy, fitted pants and a long enough (loose enough) button down to cover my buttox if I’m wearing anything that resembles spandex – all of the above from NewChic in this blog edition. The science behind it: jeans and dress slacks pull on your legs when traveling in tight quarters – and loosing circulation on a jet for 8 hours – let me just tell you… it’s not fun. Button down blouse: because it’s classy. And even though it’s loose and comfy, it’s also business casual appropriate, and can lend itself to being quite handy if you are required a quick meeting before you drop your bags. Dresses – out of the option. Do you want to walk on the airport floor security wearing nothing but nylons? [horror face emoji] I didn’t think so.


And speaking of travel and wearing nothing… it’s almost beach season! And there are already a couple sandy sunny adventures planned in the near horizon. Getting a head start to my beach body with a Byron Body Teatox (in my TeaTank of course). If you’re curious about the affect, check out my review here. It’s definitely doing something to my metabolism… I’m starved! So it’s going in the bag, because beach travel wear… that’s a whole other story. #cleansingneeded



  1. So that’s how you manage to keep incredible stylish and comfortable while traveling! Im loving everything, from the accessories to the casual cool outfit! Also, that watch is such a beauty :)


  2. girrrl I’ve never seen a pair of leggings before that made me think “I need to buy those” but these look so.good. and so expensive to boot.

    also as a complete aside…THANK YOU for using “couldn’t care less” correctly ha. It is the most grating thing when someone says they ‘could’ care less…like listen to the words you just said *smh*


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