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west coast stripes

It’s a beautiful day – 70’s and sunny and worth enjoying to the max. Yet I find myself being held in stripes as a prisoner (aka doing laundry, cleaning house, and catching up on adulting before the new week begins). At least the windows are opening and the scent of spring is rollin’ on in. The bright mornings and long evenings have lent themselves to extended daytime activities, and it’s safe to say that winter hibernation is finally over (yes that’s a thing). A thing that happens to include locking oneself indoors and food cheats on the daily (which reminds me) I need to go to the gym (once I’m freed that is).

And speaking of being a jailbird, apparently in the mood for stripes since they’ve been dominating my Instagram account this week. This A’gaci jumper somehow reminds me of West Coast livin with it’s Indi prints and casual fit. Not going to lie, this is the third time I’ve worn it in the past 10 days. Still learning how to wear stripes since my wardrobe is mostly monochrome, so I’ve been wearing this striped jumpsuit sans sweater and spending way to much time picking out shoes. First world problems #agacigirl


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | striped jumpsuit c/o:A’GACI | pumps c/o:A’GACI | sunnies c/o:A’GACI | rosegold and mother of pearl jewelry c/o:GRAMERCI


Accessories were easy thanks to Gramerci. These rosegold pieces from their new collection add a touch of warmth, and are sure to be on high rotation. Hey even my “H” cuff has stripes… something funny is definitely going on here #unplanned #literallyjustnoticed

Keeping it short and sweet today in attempts to catch a few moments of that sunshine. Will be catching up with you all soon with some fun new blog themes branching out to some of my blogging secrets I’ve learned along the way, how-to’s, fashion trends, and of course a little inspo for each day. Until then, live it up lovebirds.


What to know what else is new? Here are a few places day in my dreams has been spotted in the past couple of weeks!

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  1. I love that jumpsuit so, so much ! The cropped style makes it so much fun and the stripes are just gorgeous <3 I love how you it is as well, your style is just so amazing <3 Doesn't it just suck having to stay indoors on nice days ! I had to two days last week as well and wanted to cry haha. But you have to do what you have to do !


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