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the golden years

The golden years are upon us, and not because of age, season, or any other reason – it’s here because we say it is. And as long as you believe that, those words will hold true. There is something beautiful to be grateful for in everyday if only you’re looking for it. And a positive attitude is 100% the pathway to get there. Though the balance of outlook can prove to be a challenge, and one I’ve far from mastered.

Being positive without naivety, content without being complacent, careful without being anxious, being confident without airs.

If you can find the sweet spot… teach me please? The black and white areas in life are easy, but the fine grey lines are an art to be mastered. A few goals for the year to keep things in perspective. What IS black and white on the other hand… this #ootd (well black, white and gold that is). Wearing slides for the first time of the season, and I must say – it feels fabulous. Literally. My feet love you Clarks, and excited to kick of the new season continuing what we started. #ClarksTrendsetter Please kiss the designer that decided on this gold buckle for me? #NewFaveShoes


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk blouse:VINCE | white crop pant c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI | gold buckle minimalist slides c/o:CLARKS | mesh timepiece c/o:FJORD | gold cuff c/o:MAKKO | coin purse c/o:NOIS | gold ear cuffs c/o:CAROLYN COLBY | gold ring c/o:FAWNXFERN


Blinging out this all white ensemble with a few gold deets – the key to monochrome fashion = accessories required. Fjord has been forever a favorite watch brand since this blog’s baby beginnings – and that hasn’t changed one bit. The black mesh Finn resides amongst my favorites, and has a feminine-masculine neutral vibe (also cannot lie, I have it in silver as well). Also adoring this coin purse from Nois, just big enough to fit my phone and credit cards – what else does a girl need in life?


Apparently practicing my yoga moves… which I’m actually hoping to make more time for in the next upcoming weeks. Any recommendations on yoga pants? Current pair (not ideal for yoga) but super ideal for the rest of every-day life is from Fabrizio Gianni. They’re a great resource for quality staples if you’re in the market, be sure to check them out. I was most impressed with the wrinkle-free arrival of their items – including some crepe dress pieces I can no longer live without (check them out on the blog here) They’ve been my new travel companions when I know the steamer just won’t fit in the bag.

And in case you were wondering… yes. I did have cement on my butt after this shot.. but it brushed off. #BloggerStories


How do you offset your monochrome wardrobe? Black and gold are one of my go-to combos for all white. All grey – usually a pop of nude or beige. All black… silver accessories. Am I overthinking this (probably) Note to self: balance please – find that grey line. Later babes xoxo



  1. gorgeous outfit! I usually go for total black with golden details (not too much). Total white its more complicated for me to wear because of my lack of tan :P

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  2. Great shoot, definitely worth the cement ;) As always I enjoy reading your motivational intro, it’s a good start into the new week!

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