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Reflecting on blogging edition 2015, there have been more unexpected challenges and exciting opportunities than I ever could have imagined. So much can change and develop in just a year’s time, here’s to you for joining in on the ride.

One such opportunity that I’ve been just dying to share with you guys: I’ve joined up with the Berskha team for a series of features on their blog! You can see shots from the first shoot below, on a journey through D.C. Their team has been incredible to work with, and their collection is simply amazing. It was difficult for me to narrow down which pieces I wanted to style together for each shoot, but settled on some solid basics and nautical accents for this story of the city. They are an international retailer, so their broadened scope of fashion and trends can really be seen in the details of each item.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | head to toe c/o:BERSHKA

2015-1116-i-heart-d-c-072015-1116-i-heart-d-c-18 2015-1116-i-heart-d-c-08

Gotta love being surrounded by some of the nation’s most monumental pillars of alabaster marble. Want the full scoop? Join the journey on Bershka, and of course I’ll be sharing some more tid-bits along the way. Hope you all had an incredible holiday weekend, and warmest wishes from me to all of you!

2015-1116-i-heart-d-c-402015-1116-i-heart-d-c-092015-1116-i-heart-d-c-46 2015-1116-i-heart-d-c-542015-1116-i-heart-d-c-332015-1116-i-heart-d-c-15


  1. Love Bershka. They have got amazing collection.
    Loved the way you styled loafers with the outfit. Trendy yet casual.
    Happy new year!


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