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some days can be classic

So this wardrobe combo isn’t particularly in my preferred choice of adorning myself. Though nothing is inherently wrong with it. In fact, I find it to be a quite pleasant combo – it’s just not very “me”. The shoot was for a corporate project for one of our brands, Nicole Shoes.

Classy, sophisticated, homey. I tend to lean towards modern, minimal, and even a bit cold. So needless to say this left me feeling a bit froo-froo by the time we wrapped the day up.

Many times in the fashion industry, one has to become flexible with adopting a unique persona for the brands or items they will be representing. And to be quite good, one must actually put themselves aside and “become” that person. After all, if you want to convince someone else, you’re going to have to be convinced yourself! Which can leave one feeling a bit like a disorientated chameleon.

Blogging, I’m refreshed to find to be the complete opposite. Here, one has the freedom to express yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally. The clearer version of yourself you become, your very own personalized “brand” is born along side you effortlessly. From then on (happily ever after) you will find that those who share the same vision, will draw closer. And you have the unique opportunity to join forces of melting minds for collaborations and campaigns in which both parties walk away the same person, but grown in someway together through shared inspiration. Quite a nice thought is it not?

2014 0618 some days can be classic 01

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | boots:NICOLE

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  1. I’m in danger of sounding like a stalker now, BUT I really do love your posts. I firmly believe that you have to have integrity with what you wear and that in turn will help sculpt your own vision and interpretation of style.
    On a sycophantic note, these natural tones really do compliment you. You have the knack of making anything look good, so if that makes you a chameleon, embrace it!
    Samuel xx

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    • haha the stalking is mutual, and I have been bad about following up on blogs lately also X) it’s hard during travel season. But many many thanks… and lizards are cool right? haha

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  2. I think you look beautiful in this outfit despite the fact that is not very “you” :) In one of my previous posts I shared a lookbook photoshoot for a local brand and I was saying how much I enjoyed wearing clothes and styles that I wouldn’t normally wear. To me, it’s like playing with my mum’s clothes back in my childhood ;)
    These photos are amazing and you’re indeed a chameleon: you totally convinced me.

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  3. You look amazing in these Nicole boots Kristina, super chic and stylish paired with an all white ensemble! I agree, blogging is very therapeutic in the sense that it gives you a clearer vision of yourself, and in effect connect with other like-minded people. Thanks for this inspiring thought dear, you are definitely one of those people that I connect with. And did I mention how much I LOVE your style?!! Lol~ have a great one dear! :) xo~ Lena

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