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grey goose on the rocks

First post in the new year! *popping champagne* (any excuse for some Veuve).

When I began this blogging journey, I really wasn’t sure what to expect – If I’d have the umph to stick with it,… or if anyone would give two hoots about what I was wearing, or the plethora of random thoughts spilled out on here. But three months later, I’m breaking into the new year still going, and I have to say, the love and support I’ve received from you all has been completely overwhelming, and been the highlight of many days past, and I hope for many to come.

Highlights from these first few months include getting followed by a few of my favorite brands, reaching the little milestones along the way (literally my boyfriend is so sick of me jumping on the furniture every time someone likes a post haha),  old friends that have somehow come upon my blog and actually encouraged me instead of poking fun (no, I still haven’t told them),…

…and most of all, the new friends I have made – and all those personal comments, conversations, encouragement, etc along the way. So cheers to you all, and here’s to 2015!

Monochrome has been a prevailing trend for me lately… it’s easy when everything matches (aka read: less piles of clothes on the floor when I’m trying to dress). But I do mix it up with various tones of the same color. This day was nothing but neutral, and mostly grey at that. Favorite piece, the leather top is Kate Spade that I got for a steal at TJMaxx… less than $50….(reaching for another bottle of champagne…)

2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 02

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | boxtop:KATE SPADE | pants:GAP | jacket:BLACKFIVE | boots:NICOLE

2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 052014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 07

Tell me this doesn’t look like a Hugo Boss ad… I dare you. All I’m missing is a cut jaw line with a 5:00 shadow and a bare man-chest with glistening abs.

2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 082014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 202014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 12 2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 132014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 142014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 15  2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 21 2014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 172014 1213 grey goose on the rocks 16


  1. The Girl says

    Love your monochrome outfit! I am a fan also! As a matter of fact I am dressed in cream and dirty pink, though I love black, I decided to add more color into my daily outfits! People are following you cause you have great style! Pls continue :)

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  2. Fan of your work! Absolutely love your pictures, you look amazing! And your writing is beyond inspirational, I had a good laugh (in a good way :D). Wish you a great 2015!

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  3. Every time I come to your blog it’s like “BAM!” another great outfit! Not a lot of people I know can work a monochrome outfit like a boss (Hugo Boss to be exact) and you are one of those people that gets the look down pat! Have a great start to your week Kristina! And yes popping champagne to that Kate Spade steal is a must ;) xo~ Lena

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  4. Christie Wang says

    That leather top is only $50?! That is crazy. You pull of monochrome remarkable well, I love how the sleek hair complements the look as well! Great look, dear!

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